Crunchy spicy Kerala special evening snack prepared by good quality ingredients to ensure the finest quality and taste.


The most traditional sweet delicacy made from rice flour, wheat flour, sugar, egg, cumin and sesame. A very delicate but incredibly crunchy and delicious.


A premium quality product from the house of Thalolam- a women owned initiative. Serve it with a cup of hot tea and enjoy the experience.

Sesame Balls

Hygienically prepared premium quality sesame balls which are super rich in nutrients which is a good healthy food for all ages.


Rich quality crispy item prepared by deep frying roasted rice flour along with onion, garlic, sesame and cumin.

Peanut Candy

Handmade crunchy, non –sticky and nutritious candy made purely from jaggery and whole peanuts in a way like it is home made. It is an instant source of energy.